16 Best Blackjack Books Out There

Blackjack is a game that bonds people. It is not only limited to the four walls of a casino. Otherwise known as twenty-one, Blackjack is one of the most famous card games of all time. If you love to play the game, you will understand how competitive it can get. Although all games are supposed to ignite our competitive side, Blackjack is quite different. Only true fans can understand how it is! 

They say practice makes perfect, there is no way you can up your blackjack game without investing some quality time in it. To understand the game properly and learn about the various intricate details, one needs to read books by masters and champions. It helps in increasing your chances of defeating others the next time you play it. Who doesn’t want that, right? So, it would be best if you looked at our list of top 16 books that will help you understand the essential parts of the game and learn all the tricks. 

1. Beat the Dealer

Beat the Dealer

A Winning Strategy for the Game Twenty One – This one is one of the best-selling books, which has sold more than one million copies. The book’s author, Edward O Thorp, is often referred to as the father of card counting. Beat the Dealer is such a great book that made Las Vegas casinos change their rules multiple times. In this book, you will find a vivid description of the point system in Blackjack, the knowledge of which is essential for all players. This has helped both professionals and amateurs equally. You will find some excellent strategies to win a game and some tricks and tips to deal with the counter changes that casinos bring. It also discloses various spot cheating techniques that can be of great help. The best part about the book is that it describes every step correctly using charts and statistical figures. 

2. Blackjack Blood

The Card Counter’sCounter’s Bible and Complete Winning Guide – With an overall rating of 4.77, this one will introduce a player to the rules and regulations and help them learn ways to improve their skills. Written by Bryce Carlson, this book aims at producing winners. If you are new to the game or you want to flaunt your skills at the classic card game, this should be the first choice for you. This book also uses glitz and glamour to make it more attractive to the readers and keep them interested.

3. Modern Card Counting

Patrick Linsenmeyer wrote this book for people who are seriously dedicated to the art of the classic card game. Apart from the basics of the game, this helps readers identify their strong and weak points. It also has descriptive chapters about casinos’ various rules and strategies to turn them into an advantage and win the game. Through this book, you are sure to understand that Blackjack is a game in which you don’t even need to cheat to win. The only thing you need is a clear idea of the mathematics of the game, and you are good to go. And definitely, Modern Card Counting will make you adequately educated for that. 

4. Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing Blackjack as Martial Arts

There is a particular enthusiasm in the book’s title, which we are sure you get already. Arnold Snyder has written this book to deliver the best possible information to help blackjack players perform fluidly without any confusion. Not to forget, Snyder himself is a grandmaster of the game and enjoys global fame for his talent. So, this one will give you an insight into the skill and experience of one of the greatest players in the history of the popular casino game.

5. Turning the Tables on Las Vegas

Andersen’s 1976 book is a classic in the field. If you are someone who loves to collect masterpieces, this one is definitely for you. It was one of the first books ever written about the strategies to win at twenty-one. Not only does it explain the basics of the card game, but it also reveals several tricks and tips so that you don’t get caught at the table. It will ensure that you stay at the table and win all those rounds as quickly as possible. The best part about the book is that you don’t need to have any prior experience. Even if you are a beginner, this book will teach you everything that you need to know. 

6. Bringing Down the House

The inside story of six MIT students who took Vegas for Millions – If you are someone who loves the drama and excitement surrounding casinos in Hollywood movies, you will love this. The book goes around the story of a famous secret card club known as the MIT blackjack team, who were so good in their card counting that they earned three million dollars over a time of two years. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Apart from information about the game, it also talks about the various other experiences attached to playing Blackjack. This book can prepare you for a lifetime of adventure, so you better be ready. 

7. Blackjack: Everything you need to know about your Blackjack from beginner to Expert

As Ernest Hemmingway had once written in his book ”The Old Man and the Sea’ “It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes around, you are ready” This life-changing lesson can also apply to this Blackjack book by Ian Dunross, where you can learn to turn your luck around and win big. You cannot control the wheel, but despite that, this book will teach you all the techniques to win every Blackjack game ever.

8. Million Dollar Blackjack

If you believe that newbies can never win at Blackjack, this book is meant to change your perception forever. The main philosophy behind this blackjack guide is to establish that Blackjack is a game that can be won by anybody who comes in through the gates of a casino. Ken Uston, the writer of the book, is a renowned blackjack expert himself. Therefore, through this book, you will not only get to learn about the traditional card game but also get the opportunity to learn from the master’s own experience in the field.

9. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas: Keys to Success in Blackjack and Life

The title alone is enough to prove the depth with which this book is written. Ian Andersen is an experienced player himself, and his first book, published in 1976, took the world by storm. In this second one, he comes up with even better analyses and strategies. Interesting fact – He had disappeared entirely from the scene for a long time and came back when this book was published. Intriguing right? Maybe, he was busy finding more ways to help you out.

10. The Theory of Blackjack

Blackjack is no joke, and neither is this book. Written by Peter A Griffin, this book is a holy book of sorts for people who take this game very seriously. It talks holistically about the game in a way that helps people to understand the strategic details of the game.It also explains the entire structure of the game that allows players to deconstruct the fundamentals. It gives an insight into the psyche of winners and what people who get defeated do wrong. With this book, you are bound to excel in Blackjack and bring home some real money! It gives an invincible power to the readers over Blackjack, and that is precisely what is required.

11. Play Blackjack Like the Pros

Kevin Blackwood is a professional player and the writer of this book. If you are tired of seeing the house win and take all your money, you should get your hands on this one. Kevin explains some of his tried and tested methods to win at the classic card game. One of the best characteristics of this game is that it gives you an idea of the game and both the ups and the lows. Gambling games are not accessible. Neither can one expect it to be that way, right? There will constantly be losing and winning. Through this book, you get a clear view of the world of Blackjack and learn about the different ways in which you can better your skills to move past your losing streak. It is the reason why this one is famous among both beginners and advanced players.

12. The Art of Playing Cards

If you want to become a card shark, this is your chance. This handbook written by Rob Beattie will introduce you to the game of Blackjack and provide you with all the essential information you need to get started. Once you do so, you can proceed to the advanced levels and learn the crucial tricks to move ahead into the game. The book is written and will help you quickly navigate some of the complicated processes. So if you are determined to learn Blackjack and make your jaw-dropping performance next time you have a Vegas weekend, you should start reading this one soon!

13. Repeat Until Rich

Are you someone who feels stuck in a regular 9-5 job and feels like they should try out a night at the casino? If yes, this is the book for you. Josh Axelrad, the writer of this book, was thrown out of a casino back in 2000. It was this failure that taught him how to master the art of Blackjack.

14. Blackjack Strategy: Winning at Blackjack

Do you want to change your luck? Getting lucky is more than just miracles. It is a series of conscious and strategic decisions that make the impossible happen. So if you want to change your luck, instead of praying, start reading this book written by Larry Pace. It contains secrets that will help you ace in this game. It is no magic, but it will reveal age-old strategies that have transformed games and the lives of the people involved. 

15. Professional Blackjack

Published in 1975, written by author Stanford Wong, this is one of the oldest and most valuable books if you want to learn the art of playing cards. The way the basics are explained helps beginners. At the same time, it also teaches the advanced level of calculations, strategies, and all things essential to becoming a player. It can be a beneficial read before your next visit to the casino. 

16. Probability Guide to Gambling: The Mathematics of Dice, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Lottery, And Sports Bets

This is a book meant for a severe game enthusiast. One can find information and crucial scientific explanations through this book. The idea of probability is essential when it comes to playing Blackjack. Not only is it exciting to play but also challenging to get started well. This book paints a clear picture that will help you look behind the hurdles and understand what your chances are.

Wrapping Up

Blackjack originated in France around 1700. It is one of the most popular card games. Almost 77% of the activities in a casino consist of Blackjack itself. However, it is essential to know about the mathematics of the game. These books will help in precisely that way.

But the best way to understand the game of blackjack is by playing it. One of the easiest ways to practice your blackjack strategy is by using cheat sheets and either playing a free practice game of blackjack or by playing online blackjack for real money at a reputable casino.

Author: Justin Anderson